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The 1960s: The Miracle on 14th Street

When Cuyahoga Community College opened its doors to its first students that fall of 1963 it unwittingly became the “people’s college.” While Cleveland already boasted a number of highly regarded colleges and universities for students of privilege, none targeted the working and middle class youth of the city. Tri-C emerged as the education champion for local students who were previously excluded from any real chance at post-secondary education.

Living the Dream: Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy at Tri-C

Cuyahoga Community College has held events honoring Martin Luther King Jr for the past 40 years. This exhibit highlights some of the speakers, performers, and guests the Metropolitan campus has hosted as part of its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations.

Western Campus Early Years

The Western Campus of Tri-C celebrated its 50th anniversary in Fall 2016. This exhibit commemorates the campus' early years, from the conversion of the Crile military hospital buildings to the dedication of the new campus in 1975.

Just Mercy: Archival Companion to the Common Read Program

The materials included in this exhibit relate to the themes and topics present in Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy. They were created by Tri-C students, faculty, staff, and administrators from 1972 to 2011. These materials include photographs, college reports, correspondence between college administrators, and writings by Tri-C students and faculty.